DVD TITLE: Bungwahl Green Machine Skippers
DURATION: This is an 4 minute video

DVD TITLE: Gloucester Imagine – Gloucester Youth Centre partnered with Forster Film
Festival to run a 3 day short film-making workshop with local youth in and around Gloucester.
DURATION: This is a 5 minute video

DVD TITLE: Collecting Smiles – Taree Public School Year 5/6 collected a lot of smiles
when they handed out flowers at the local shopping centre.
DURATION: This is a 6 minute video

DVD TITLE: Wollombi Country
DURATION: This is an 8 minute video

DVD TITLE: Ripples – Everything you do has an effect
DURATION: This is 5 minutes of an 18 minute video

DVD TITLE: My Mates Mum
DURATION: 5 minutes