Film Festival 2012 Winners

The Winners from 2012

2012 Forster Film Festival Winners


The Winners from 2011

Comedy, Australia
Time: 6 minutes

They aren’t growing old gracefully, but they’re too drunk to care.

Imaginary Friends
Comedy, Spain
Time: 19 minutes

A young adult still has his childhood friend, a superhero named Captain Kiloton.

Mary’s Friend
Animation, USA
Time: 4 minutes

A lonely girl in mixed animation.

The Secret Friend
Drama, USA
Time: 15 minutes

An elderly widow lives in quiet desperation until she begins receiving daily calls from a silent stranger.

Be Like A Duck
Song, USA
Time: 5 minutes

Stylish, perplexing music clip with a refreshing philosophy.

Comedy, Australia
Time: 10 minutes

The concerned father of a six year old boy takes it the wrong way.

El Cortejo
Drama, Spain
Time: 14 minutes

A cemetery worker falls in love with a woman he meets at the graveside.

Comedy, Ireland
Time: 12 minutes

The painstakingly humorous story of love entangled with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Comedy, Australia
Time: 7 minutes

A young woman calls on a higher power to deal with wolf whistles.

Super. Full.
Drama, Qatar
Time: 13 minutes

A poor gas attendant promises to take his wife to a fancy hotel for her birthday.

Bathing and The Single Girl
Comedy, USA
Time: 11 minutesA woman reflects on the horrors of dating, and bathing, with younger men.

Documentary, India
Time: 25 minutes

A stark comparison between rampant development and the thousands who are left homeless in the
city of Delhi.

Why We Trade
Documentary, Australia
Time: 9 minutes

A manifesto of unbridled self interest is revealed as we explore how human interaction is governed by the notion of trade.

The Woman With The Grey Bundle
Drama, Spain
Time: 20 minutesAn emotional journey as a woman walks the Castilla plains in search of her prisoner husband.